SRR believes that efficiency is critically important for a BEEF cow herd to truly be profitable in a real world profit earning setting.  We strictly select cows with extreme dimension, capacity and base width because we have found them to be efficient while adding the most pounds.  Less cost, more weight.  No pencil gutted, long legged cows here!


We have to just face it.  We LOVE beautiful cows but there are reasons phenotype is so important to breeders.  Every SaddleRiver cow is evaluated by her parts.  A feminine head, a trait that denotes fertility.  A big hip and board hip pins, evidence of her ability to calve without help. Big, perfect feet, so she can get up and go for food.  Breeding bad parts breeds bad herds.

SaddleRiver Ranch 


Udder quality is obviously important to raising a good calf.  Udders are only fine-tuned through the PPI.  All heifers are culled at puberty if their udder does not meet rigid expectations by our staff.  Each cow is given a score for udder quality twice a year, once at weaning and again at craving.  Both scores calculate into milk production. Milk production and efficiency are two traits that are very important to profitability .  A sound, level udder with good teat size and structure are a MUST in a SaddleRiver Cow.


Feet and leg structure are strongly critiqued at SRR. Each cow is given a score once a year allowing us to calculate, define and recognize poor and strong cows for this trait through our PPI.  This trait is not only a breeding must but is an important trait for longevity.

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OK, they’re not just gorgeous, our cows are also a breeding piece that is a must in every herd to add characteristics that cannot be  purchased any where else.


At SaddleRiver Ranch, fertility is not just judged by a cow's ability to breed back, but also her ability to take AI the first time,.  She is given a different set of points for each of these three results each breeding season.  Every year we get better at knowing our cows.


Females that are easy to handle are a necessity on a ranch that is constantly working them.   We handle the calves immediately after birth and continue to give them human contact through their lifetime.  The Angus breed is consistent in recording docility of their females so that breeders like SaddleRiver have the tools to improve the herd.


We are  a Registered Angus Breeder who is serious about making genetic herd improvements year after year, using genetic pressure to improve the productivity of the herd.

Our Ranch -  At SaddleRiver, we believe in Angus cattle that possess true dimension, keeping ability and  base width WITH PROVABLE PRODUCTION.  To get them , a stringent selection process is followed.